Author’s Note: For my sweet Shannon, hope this makes you feel better, darling.

Rating: General Audiences

Pairing: Beca/Westley


Sometimes, in a tiny corner of her heart, Beca wished that the angels had never taken her, and that she were back home where things were somewhat normal.

Beca folded her legs beneath her and cradled her little daughter in her arms, smoothing back the hair that was so much like her father’s. She kissed Arabella’s forehead and cuddled her close, eyes roving over to where the sun was setting.

Funny, but in this place, in this time, the sun looked much like it had back home.


Something in her chest clenched, briefly.

Footsteps tapped out a rhythm behind her, and she started a little when Westley abruptly dropped down beside her, flinging a casual arm over her shoulders.

"Beautiful, if I do say so myself," he remarked, eyes following hers to the peaches and cream sunset.

Bella pressed another kiss to Arabella’s downy soft cheek and leaned into her…whatever he was to her. She couldn’t afford to label things; neither of them could.

Sometimes, in a tiny corner of her heart, Beca wished that things were as they had once been.

That was before she remembered, with a burst of warmth, that home was what you made it.

"Yes," she agreed, "it really is."